Workshop_Golden Age 2020 Rethymno Wailinkg

Programme of the week


Mikrasiaton square
Opening and Closing Ceremony
City perfomances GAGF 2020, WORKSHOP

Golden Age Gym Festival 2020 Rethymno - Mikrasiaton square Rethymno

Venue - Mikrasiaton square

- Stage carpet: 14m x 14m
- Colour of the carpet: blue
- Audience on one side
- Capacity: 500 spectators
In the GAGF Venue will take place:
• The Opening Ceremony
• The City Performances
• The Gala / Closing

House of Culture
In the House of Culture, sited in the heart of the old town just next to GAGF Venue, you can fnd:
• The Golden Age info desk
• Accreditation desk
• TC’s ofce
• European Gymnastics ofce
• The Ofcial GAGF physical therapists team
• Excursions desk
• GAGF Info desk
• Lost and found
The House of Culture is also the place where will be held:
• The group leaders and HoD meeting on Sunday
• The educational forum
• The GAGF 2022 presentation

GAGF Village
The GAGF Village will be located at the Mikrasiaton Square, next to the GAGF Venue and the House of Culture. This will be the place where the heart of the event beats, where we gather through the day to ask for information or just meet the LOC and other participants! Some of the workshops will also take place there. GAGF Village will be open from the 3rd of October until the 8th October 2021 non-stop from 08:30 to 23.00.
In the village you can also find:
• The Golden Age official boutique
• Official GAGF Medical Team
• Photo/video kiosk