Covid 19 rules and measures

As organizers, we have done our best to make this event as safe as possible for all participants, with the minimum effect on the experiences planned. We kindly ask for your cooperation: if we all respect the rules and measures proposed by the EG, LOC and local authorities, we will be able to enjoy a safe experience together.

Main prevention rules for the participants:
As mentioned in the Covid 19 guideline applied by the EG, you are strongly advised:
- To wear masks in all indoor spaces at all times
- To wear masks in outdoor spaces when the area is crowded (parade, audience area of venue)
- To keep safety distances
- To inform the LOC or LOC ofcial doctor immediately in case of symptoms

LOC measures:
- A compulsory rapid test will be organized on the frst day of the event by the LOC for all LOC members, EG and TC members, volunteers, as well as for all participants on the expenses of their National Federations. The time and place will be announced in the HoD and Group leaders’ meeting.
- Temperature measurement will be done every morning in all ofcial hotels. For all participants that have booked accommodation independently, their delegations are responsible of measuring the temperature of all participants every morning, before the beginning of Workshops.
- An ofcial doctor and his medical team will be reachable at all times in the relevant kiosk in the GAGF Village, as well as by phone provided to all participants on the Accreditation Card. In the event of a positive Covid-19 case, the LOC has made all the preparations advised by the EG guideline and will take all measures imposed by the Greek authorities. A traceability system is in place to ensure the quick and efcient isolation of the positive case and contacts.