Get Ready 17:30 - Start 18:00

The parade of the Golden Age Gym Festival will pass through the beautiful city beach front and the heart of Rethymno’s old town to arrive in Mikrasiaton square, where the Opening Ceremony will take place. The walking distance of the parade will be approximately 850 meters.


The opening ceremony will take place on Sunday 3rd October at the GAGF Stage - Mikrasiaton Square. It will be an about one hour long show, starting at 18:30. Throughout the performances, we will do our best to welcome you in our country and this special event



The Gala/Closing ceremony will take place on Friday 8th October, in Mikrasiaton square.Duration and themeThe duration of the Gala/Closing is limited to 60 minutes and also the duration of eachperformance is 3 minutes. The theme will be “Greek Mythology“.

Golden Age Gym Festival 2020 Rethymno Ceremonies

Registration and wildcards


Federations with at least 3 participating groups (with a presentation on the stage) can nominate one group to perform. The TC-GfA can invite further groups from Federations with less than 3 groups or groups with exciting performances or with good examplesof how to work with senior gymnasts (“wildcard”). Spectator seats will be reservedfor the active participants.



• Group leaders & HoD Meeting: Sunday 3 October 14.00 - 15.00 at the House of Culture
• Daily HoD meetings: 8.30 – 8.45 at the House of Culture



Video screen/s will be available to project information, live imagesand to support the performances.


Educational Forum

An Educational Forum for coaches will be held for the discussion of Choreography themes related to the GAGF programme.
• The forum will take place at the House of Culture (near Venue and GAGF Village) on October 5th at 12.00-13.30
• A diploma of attendance will be provided by the LOC

Lecturer: Mrs Olympia Dragouni
Physical Education teacher / Choreographer / Trainer of “The Wolves” team
(World Champions in the World Gym for life challenge).
The main pursuit of the forum is to provide teachers and coaches with methods and practices that can integrate every person to physical activities and dance, regardless the age and the skill level. The forum is divided in two parts: the presentation of a brief theoretical framework and practical workshop associated with intermediate reflection parts.

Golden Age Gala / Closing

The Gala / Closing ceremony will take place on Friday 8th of October, at the GAGF Venue -
Mikrasiaton Square

• Duration and theme
The duration of the Gala/Closing is limited to 60 minutes. The duration of each performance is 3 minutes (in and out). The theme will be “Greek Mythology“.

• Registration
Each federation interested, has nominated one group to perform.

• Programme
The programme of the Gala presentations will be distributed at the HoD + Group Leaders’ meeting on the 3rd of October

Flash mob

Our Flash Mob choreography is in the rhythm of Cretan traditional “Pentozali”. Prepare yourselves for this exciting dancing experience, to move in the tune of cheerful Cretan music!

Flash Mob Golden Age Gym Festival 2020 Rethymno, Greece
Olympia Dragouni Choreographer / Flash Mob & Ceremonies Director