03 - 08  October 2021
The Golden Age Gym Festival 2020
Rethymno, Greece

General Info

The EG, the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation and the Cretan town of Rethymno welcome you to 7th Golden Age Gym Festival, which will take place from 3 to 8 October 2021.

The Golden Age Gym Festival is by now very well known by all our Member Federations, but please allow us anyway to summarise its objectives: for aging healthily, it is an essential condition that people 50+ continue to be physically active. Cultural activities play of course also a very important role. For seniors it becomes more and more important to be among like-minded people and to experience sport and culture in a group, as all this can avoid isolation. 

The preliminary registration numbers closed and we are happy to announce about 500 participants.

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Golden Age Gym Festival 2020 Rethymno Workshops